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When it comes to celebrating weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and bar mitzvahs, many of us have delayed, and 2020 celebrations were postponed indefinitely. This trend continues into 2021. However, there are still some treasured favorites and some new and spectacular ways that you can mark those memorable moments with your loved ones in a beautiful setting.


11 Horizon Views, Knysna

Here are some of our tips and tricks for celebrating milestones this year:

Get out of town

Create a magical feeling by getting out of town for your special celebration. Head to the magical Garden Route where pristine lagoons, otherworldly forests, majestic mountains, and stunning seascapes combine like nowhere else on earth. Here you can visit Alkira Lodge, you are surrounded by sky, mountains, waters of the ocean, rivers, and lakes, the freshest air, and endless horizons, or you can choose to visit one of our other beautiful apartments and villas, dotted in some of the best locations in Knysna.


Choose to dine by candlelight under the stars with your closest friends, mingle with canapes on the terrace enjoying the views with live music to soothe the soul or to get you grooving, or enjoy a romantic dinner for two at the fireside in your private apartment.


Either way, you can leave the stress and worries of your daily life at home when you get out of town for your celebration at Alkira Lodge, or any of the Beautiful Knysna Villas properties for that matter!


Make it exclusive

When it comes to feeling safe and secure this year, it's all about privacy and exclusivity. Avoid crowded venues and indoor locations and instead, look for destinations that can host you in a private restaurant.


Beacon House Apartments, Knysna

At Alkira Lodge or our Beautiful Knysna Villas properties, you don't just need to eat in the dining area, you can choose to dine in a beautiful setting of your choice. In addition, because you've got the kitchen, discrete staff, and talented chefs to yourself you can enjoy a delicious menu designed in consultation with you to include your personal favourites!


Stay the night

Spending the night will make your special celebration last that little bit longer and means you can really enjoy that quality time with family and friends that you missed out on last year.

Our rooms are en-suite and have a private patio and unique views so that you can really connect with the natural world and relax and enjoy your time away. The entire lodge can also be booked as an exclusive getaway for up to 12 people with plenty of room for everyone in our multiple lounges, bars, and patios. We also have a pizza oven, bbq options for all-weather, fire pit, pool, Jacuzzi hot tub, and extensive gardens for you to enjoy!


Alkira lies in the heart of the Garden Route, which is aptly named for the stunning mountains covered in ancient forests, rivers, lakes, pristine white sandy beaches, and unique Fynbos. The Fynbos floral kingdom is the smallest floristic region in the world, yet boasts the highest number of different types of plants. This is the only floral kingdom found entirely in one country and is protected as part of our UNESCO World Heritage.

When you are next in the Garden Route, be sure to take a walk on one of our many local trails and explore this unique plant world, our beaches, lakes and forests. Discover some of the best day hiking and walking trails in Knysna here:


Diepwalle Forest

The Diepwalle Forest offers a number of easy hiking trails for visitors. One of our favourites is the Red Elephant Trail. This hiking trail is just short of 7km and follows a circular route that is good for a variety of skill levels and includes fantastic sections through the indigenous rain forest and alongside the river. En route you also have the opportunity to marvel at a 600-year-old yellowwood tree. For the more energetic, the Black Elephant Trail is slightly longer at 9.3 kilometers. Also a circular route, this trail is better suited to more experienced hikers and runners. This is an amazing route for anyone wanting to see the beautiful wild flowers of the Garden Route. The trails are named after the Knysna elephants which are said to live in this section of the forest so be sure to keep a keen eye out for any evidence of them!

Sparrebosch Trail/Fisherman's Walk


This is a 5km there and back trail that takes you down a steep hill to a beautiful pebbled beach. The huge rocks and rock pools caused by the tidal movement are pretty spectacular, while winter also brings a number of waterfalls. Unfortunately, fishing and picnics are not allowed in this area. You might also be lucky enough to see a variety of birds and possibly even a bushbuck along the way, while the views from the top are also pretty spectacular.

Circles in the Forest

The popular Circles in the Forest trail starts and ends at the Krisjan-se-Nek picnic site in the Goldfield State Forest. This easy walk is perfect for families with the picnic site providing the perfect spot for lunch at the end of your walk. A cool forest pool with a waterfall also is the ideal space to cool off along the way, while huge forest ferns, bubbling streams, and wooden bridges make the route a delight for all ages. Hikers can opt for two routes on the Circles in the Forest trail - a short 3.1km route or a longer 9km hike, both of which are loops.

Terblans Walk

Starting and ending at the Grootdraai picnic site, the Terblans Walk is a meandering 6.5km trail through the forest. This is an easy to moderate walk that will take about three hours to complete.

Garden of Eden


A good choice for families with little kids, the Garden of Eden features two loops, one which is wheelchair friendly and only about 500m and a longer 1km walk. Located right of the N2, the Garden of Eden is easily accessible on any day trip from Alkira and doesn't take long to complete. Meander along the wooden boardwalks as you learn more about the different trees found in the forest. The major attraction of the walk is the giant yellowwood trees found here.

Drupkelders Hiking Trail

Although one of the shorter hiking trails in Knysna at just 3.6km long, there are some pretty steep sections to this there and back walk. This is a great walk for bird spotting and just examining the huge variety of plant species found in the Garden Route. The Homtini River is a great place to spend some time picnicking and relaxing, so be sure to take your swimming costume along for a dip in the fresh mountain water.

Jubilee Creek


Another great walking trail for families, Jubilee Creek is a 3.6km there and back hike that starts and ends at one of the most beautiful picnic sites in the Garden Route. A stream flows through the area so it's a great place for children to while away the hours. There is also a really nice natural pool at the end of the hike that you can swim in. There is also plenty of birdlife to see along the trail.

Perdekop Nature Walk

Located in the Harkeville forest, the Perdekop Nature Walk is a 9.5km circular route is long but quite an easy, flat trail. Along the way, you'll pass a dam and waterfall as well as a great picnic spot for a half time rest. The vegetation is quite varied along the trail, with some fantastic scenery too.

Millwood Mine Walk


Offering a unique experience, the Millwood Mine Walk is a 5.6km circular route that starts at Mother Holly's Tea Room where you will also find a small mining museum. It is in this area where gold was first discovered in Knynsa and remnants of the old Millwood Mining Village can still be found along the trail. This includes the prospecting hole behind a waterfall, a shed with recovered mining equipment, old graves and houses, and even a mine itself.

Kranshoek Hiking Trail

The challenging 9km circular Kranshoek Trail is not for the faint of heart. The trail starts at the Kranshoek picnic site and winds its way down the gorge towards the coast. Thereafter you will head back up along the plateau to an amazing viewpoint. Having the chance to experience the forest, Fynbos, waterfalls and the coast all in one trail really gives you a taste of what Knysna is all about, however, you do need to be prepared for a strenuous workout!

Buffalo Bay Hiking Trail


The Buffalo Bay Hiking Trail covers dunes, mountains, and Fynbos, taking you high above the beach where you can enjoy great views of the sea. You can break up the 4.6km circular route with a stop at the beach for an ice-cream or even lunch at one of the amazing restaurants.