Stay informed! Visit the SA Department of Health's website for COVID-19 updates:

Alkira Lodge and Shufflers Villa are perfectly suited to a healthy stay for many reasons including:

Limited number of private guests and not open to the public:

No more than 12 guests (6 bedrooms) at any time

The Lodge is privately situated on a reserve with a private access road and is not open to the public.

The Lodge is not open to outside visitors. The occasional exception may be dinner guests by arrangement limited to the number of tables available within social distancing protocols.

The architecture of the lodge ensures constant flow of fresh air, low people traffic and limited high touch areas:

All rooms including bedrooms and all shared areas open directly to an outside area and fresh air

There are no closed internal hallways or high traffic passageways

Every room has private access

No shared elevators or high traffic access areas

Private kitchen with small, dedicated staff

Cleaning Protocols:

Cleaning protocols and products adhere to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines

All rooms are fully cleaned and ventilated daily

Linens and towels are washed at recommended temperatures

Higher touch areas are cleaned and sanitised more regularly throughout the day

Staff Safety and Support:

Attendance is limited to essential staff only

Small team with dedicated areas of work and dedicated materials for each area

Staff showing any symptoms or who feel unwell do not attend work

Staff complete and register a daily health screen including temperatures test on arrival at work or before joining the staff transport each day

Hand Sanitisation occurs on arrival at work and regularly throughout the day

Staff are briefed in measures to avoid personal contamination including safe social distancing, handwashing and PPE practices

Staff are all supplied with gloves, masks and protective outerwear to be worn appropriately

All staff are trained in safe cleaning and disinfecting protocols and follow the required daily personal hygiene schedule

Guest Safety and Options:

Dine in the restaurant with acceptable spacing or choose a private table, private room or room service

Our breakfast buffet is on hold with all the same yummy options delivered directly to your table or to your room from the kitchen

Non contact thermometer, health screen and travel register on check in or as regulations require

Disposable masks and gloves are available

Hand sanitisers, soap, tissues and paper towels are freely available throughout the lodge and in every bathroom

Refer to our flexible cancellation policy